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Pillar Candle & Holder Set
Pillar Candle & Holder Set
Pillar Candle & Holder Set

Pillar Candle & Holder Set

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The perfect pillar candle starter set.

Set includes 2 x white pillar candles and 2 x brass holders packaged in a kraft gift box.

Each pillar candle is handmade. No two are exactly the same and you may find perfect imperfections such as frosting and air bubbles.

These column pillar candles make great centre pieces and add an element of height and colour to your home decor arrangements.

Measures - 27cm tall | 32mm base | Burn Time - Approx. 20 hours each* | Unscented (faint honey smell)

Safety information - The candles should be placed in a suitable candle holder, especially when burning. These candles are designed to drip, so should be placed on a heat resistant dish. Each candle will burn differently and it is important you do not leave the room while the candle is burning.

 Column Candle burning tips:

  • Burn times are an estimate and can vary significantly depending on how well you follow burn instructions and whether you let the wax spill over or not.
  • Burn the candle for a maximum of 1-2 hours at a time
  • The Column Candles WILL spill at various times and environmental factors will have an impact on burn time (e.g. drafts)
  • Trim the wick before every burn - nail clippers make this easier. 
  • A long lighter or USB lighter are recommended for lighting decor candles.

Holders made of 100% solid brass.