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Instructions and Useful Information

Fragrance Descriptions

Black Raspberry & Vanilla - Notes of blackberry and raspberry provide the perfect topping for the white floral and green notes that follow. The light musk and vanilla base finish off this scent beautifully. 

Coconut & LimeFresh blends of juicy citrus followed by creamy coconut and fresh florals. Finished with gentle vanilla notes and sandalwood.

French VanillaA popular blend of vanilla and tonka beans, finished with a touch of butter and nuts.

Pink GrapefruitVanilla bean and amber provide the base for this zesty and crisp blend, full of punch. Pink grapefruit and lemon zest top the middle notes of Lily of the Valley and the Mimosa flower.

French Pear (Ltd Ed.)Tonka, vanilla and whipped cream lay the foundation for the crisp notes of green apple and nashi pear. A subtle hint of midnight jasmine and white lily bring it all together to create the perfect fresh, fruity fragrance. 

Frangipani (Ltd Ed.)Frangipani is combined with fresh lily, freesia and rose to make up this beautiful bouquet of florals. 


Soy Candles

Instructions & Safety: Trim your wick to 0.5cm before lighting. Burn candle for a maximum of 3-4 hours. Place on a level, heat resistant surface. Never burn unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid drafts and keep away from flammable materials. Vessel may become hot when burning. Discontinue use when 10mm of wax remains to prevent your jar overheating and breaking.

Tips: The first time you burn the candle, let it burn long enough for the wax to melt to the edge of the jar - try to do this every burn as the wax forms a 'memory pool'. Once cooled, replace the lid (or put in a cupboard) to keep dust, etc. out of the jar. Use a wick trimmer and candle snuffer to prevent wick debris falling into the wax.

Reed Diffusers 

Instructions: Unscrew the cap and remove the bung. Place the reed sticks into the diffuser and leave them for 30 minutes before flipping them over. Flip the sticks weekly to ensure the scent continues to disperse. Take care when flipping the reeds to ensure oil does not come into contact with other surfaces. Should any oil spill, clean immediately to prevent damage to the surface.

Safety: Do not light the reeds. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not consume.


Soy Melts 

Instructions for tea light burner use: Clean and dry the burner dish. Light an unscented tea light candle and place it under the dish where the soy melt will be placed. Place the melt in the dish. Extinguish the flame when finished. When the flame is extinguished, the melt will harden. Once the scent has completely evaporated (between 6-8 hours), dispose of the remaining wax by wiping the dish with a paper towel. 

Instructions for electric warmer useClean and dry the burner dish. Turn on the electric warmer and place the melt in the dish. Turn off the electric warmer when finished and the melt will harden. Once the scent has completely evaporated (between 6-8 hours), dispose of the remaining wax by wiping the dish with a paper towel. 

Safety: Check the burner for any cracks before use. Do not add water or oil to the dish when using a melt. Do not light the melt directly.


Felted Soap 

Instructions: To activate the felting process, thoroughly wet the wool under hot/warm water until it lathers and massage firmly until the lather comes through the wool. Repeat this process before every use. Rotating the soap under your hands builds up lather and helps the felting process.

Tips: Squeeze out excess water to help keep the soap hard. As the soap inside the wool shrinks, the wool will shrink too. When the soap is completely used, dry out the wool and use it as an exfoliating pad or for makeup removal.

Ingredients: sodium palmate, sodium kernelate, aqua, fragrance, vegetable glycerine, sodium chloride, hedp, organic colour pigments, titanium dioxide, and may also contain natural botanicals. The soaps contain no animal bi products, nor are they tested on animals.