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Forever Cup
Forever Cup
Forever Cup

Forever Cup

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After finding many issues with other reusable cups, EcoMe came up with the Forever Cup. This cup is different from traditional reusable cups in so many ways... 

  • Leak proof - saving your clothes and you from disaster and a potential hazard. This was important because when you're juggling keys, phone, jacket, kids' school bag, swimming bag etc, the last thing you need is coffee spilling from your cup. That's why these cups are designed to be chucked around, upside down, in your handbag... and they WON'T spill!
  • The cups are double walled stainless steel - you can hold this beauty and ensure your hands won't get burnt. This also makes it great for kids' hot drinks in winter
  • The doubIe walled stainless steel also keeps your drinks hotter for longer, compared to takeaway cups or other reusable cups - or even cooler for longer if you prefer to use it for a cold refreshment.
  • 304 stainless steel is fully recyclable in metal recycling 
  • Fits under a barista's coffee machine with ease
  • Comes in two colours, rose gold or silver